Siteplat Adwords Managment

Google AdWords Campaign Help

  AdWords specific services:  
  AdWords Campaign Review only:  
  • review your motivation for using AdWords
  • review your AdWords strategy
  • review your AdWords keywords usage
  • review your AdWords campaign structure
  • review on page seo and AdWords synergy
  • provide recommendations based on the review
  Who is this service right for? You have setup an existing AdWords campaign and would like a critical review with recommendations for improvement that your existing team will implement  
  AdWords Campaign Management Help  
  • perform review as outlined as per our "AdWords Review only"
  • restructure and implement AdWords PPC campaign in accordance with review recommendations
  • restructure landing pages and/or implement onsite AdWords specific SEO
  • monitor AdWords keyword performance
  • monitor AdWords Ad performance
  • monitor and adjust campaign performance within specific goal profiles

Who is this service right for?

  • You have an AdWords campaign, you fully understand the position of AdWords in your business model and want to outsource the management participating in strategy and performance analysis but not daily management.
  • You would like to have a new campaign set up for you.
  • You have an existing campaign that you want reworked.



Why should you work with us?

Aside from the fact that we have the AdWords skills you're seeking, honestly, we don't know that you should. AdWords work tends to be a long term collaboration and knowing this we respect that a good personality fit has to be there. Not everyone can work with everyone. At the end of the day you have to work with folks who you feel comfortable with and the only way you will figure that one out is to give is a call and see how you feel about us.